Saronic Gulf

The beautiful cluster of the islands at the Argosaronic bay, that is Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Salamina and several islets, is situated within a stone's throw from Athens. Those islands compose a beautiful picture of wooded anchorage along the Peloponnesian coastline easily reached with a sailing boat. Furthermore they mark the borders between the Southwest part of the Peloponnesian bay and the Northwest Saronic.

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Aegina is considered an interesting destination, not only for its beautiful beaches and monasteries, but for its significant archaeological monuments as well, such as the temple of Aphea Athena and the sanctuary of Apollo. Poros, situated opposite of Galatas, on the east coastline of Argolida, was considered the island of Poseidon according to ancient Greeks. Nowadays, it is renowned for its lush vegetation.

Hydra is an appealing place not only for thousands of tourists but for the international stardom as well, thanks to the combination of its manor houses with cosmopolitan atmosphere and its distinct local color. Many artists own country houses or even permanent residences on the island of Hydra. Spetses is the Southeast point of the Argosaronic, situated opposite the picturesque Porto-Heli, in the middle of the homonymous bay. The islanders played a major role in the Modern naval history of Greece. Their bravery is still sensed through the architecture of the picturesque old port and the villas of families renowned for their active participation in the Greek Revolution against the Turkish yoke.

Each island has its own special character, appealing to numerous weekend visitors. The common characteristics of those islands are the magnificent beaches and the opportunity to participate in numerous sea-sports, the picturesque taverns specialized in fresh fish cooking and the austere beauty of hotel accommodation. The picturesque small villages located along the coastline are characterized by a unique architectural order.

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