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Cyclades greek islands

Cyclades are to offer abundant beauty and adventurous sailing holidays. Apart from Mykonos and Santorini islands (that everyone knows), there are many other Greek islands that belong to the same group. The area is renowned for its clear water, sandy beaches and strong winds. Cyclades islands require moderate to advanced sailing competence and skills, rather good experience and offers all kinds of facilities and styles. Sunshine, dryness, rocky isles, white traditional houses and endless number of beautiful beaches. There are a lot of untouched and unspoiled islands that stand off the beaten track. In many islands, in the morning you can relax in a peaceful bay and the same night you can roister in a pub or music club.

Suggested route for one week,

Day 1, Kea 36 nm

We Sail along the Attica coast and stop for swimming in Cape Sounio, under the temple of Poseidon. After this we enter the Aegean and everything changes. We arrive in Kea as the sun goes down. Here we can have dinner on the waterfront and enjoy pasta with lobster or any seafood we desire.

Day 2, Syros, Finikas 30 nm

After an adventurous sailing leg you reach the island of Syros, the capital of the Cyclades region. Depending on the weather we have many options to stop for swimming.

We can stop in one of the magnificent bays of the west side, where there is the famous archeological site of Grammata (letters), this area is known from the ancient times because seamen get there and sculpture letters on the rocks.

Or if the meltemi is blowing hard, we can go to the more sheltered bays on the south. Whichever we go, the water is always beautiful and the beaches are sandy.

After swimming we can go to the small marina of Finikas. The night we have many choices here. We can go to the city, which is the capital of Cyclades, Ermoupolis, and to the old town Ano Syra, where we have a breathtaking view of the Dhelos, Mykonos and Tinos and all the town and port and shipyard of Ermoupolis.

The choices for dinner are many here or down near the port. In Ermoupolis there is also much for nightlife, with plenty of bars, music clubs and even a casino.

Cyclades greek islands

Day 3 Mykonos 26 nm

The sailing is getting more and more adventurous, the beaches more and more unbelievable and the party time is reaching the limit. What can we say for the island of Myconos that has not been said yet? Party 24 hours. The famous beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise are always in the party mood. Here we can see one of the best sunsets in the world enjoying our cocktail in the old neighborhood of Little Venice. We can start going to the bars and having fun and the sun may rise again before you even notice it. Many choose to spend a second day here.

Day 4 Paros, Naousa 22 nm

After all that party, we sail a shorter leg today and we heading for the bay on Naousa in Paros Island. Swimming as every day in wonderful waters. The little town of Naousa is one of the most beautiful in the whole Greece. Dinner in the port next to the fishing boats facing the ancient Venetian castle, then a few steps further to the bars. For many this is the best place of all the Cyclades.

Day 5 Serifos 25 nm

When you see Serifos from a distance, looks like a mountain with the top covered in snow, as you get closer you see that this is the houses of Serifos. Really worth to take a walk up there and get lost to the small alleys and watch once again this magnificent view. We can choose to have dinner up here or to go to the waterfront and stare the village above you.

Day 6 Kythos Loutra 25 nm

A real hidden paradise so close to Athens. In Kythnos you see things as they used to be some decades ago. The life is beautiful here. The fishermen give their fish to the restaurants; the beaches are always fabulous and never crowded. Here there are many thermal springs.

The restaurants have tables on the beach and you can be sure that whatever you having is most likely produced or fished on this island

Day 7 Athens 50 nm

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